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10 desi indie artists to add to your playlist right now

by Masalathai Admin

Drive down indie lanes

By Shaan Bajaj

I love my sister to the ends of the universe but the moment she takes control of the Bluetooth sound system, she is my sworn enemy for life (even though I secretly think she has great taste in music). Curating a playlist is serious business; it has to match the activity you are currently doing, the crowd that is listening, and the weather, all while elevating the mood. After all, we cannot be listening to “Kho gaye hum kahan” on repeat because that one person in your friend group is getting over their fifth “soulmate” of the year.

So, to help you gain control of the music system and make you the official DJ, Masala has put together a list of nine desi indie artist that may be flying under your radar. Trust me, your friends won’t say a peep.

Hear all of them on our Spotify playlist

Genre: Pop, EDM, Classical
Play his music when you are hosting a games night with your homies.
Song: Udd gaye

Genre: Indie folk, Pop
Play his music when you are sitting in a café with a brewed cup of coffee in your hand.
Song: Kasoor

Genre: Punjabi, RnB, Pop
Play his music on your morning commute to work.
Song: Mirza

Genre: Indie Pop
Play her music when you are working.
Song: Khwaab

Genre: Pop, RnB
Play their music while you are lounging by the pool with a piña-coloda in hand.
Song: Akhiyaan

Genre: Pop, Old school, Bollywood film
Play his music when you are getting ready for a fun daytime mehendi.
Song: Chaand Baaliyan

Genre: Indie
Play his music when it is raining and you are feeling a little heartbroken.
Song: Baarishein

Genre: Indie, Hip-hop, Soul, Pop
Play his music when you are on a road trip with your loved ones.
Song: Mera Safar

Genre: Soulful, Indie
Play his music when you find yourself thinking of someone 24/7.
Song: Ankhon se batana

Genre: Indie rock
Play his music when you wake up with a mind-numbing hangover while you reflect on your life choices.
Song: Zakir

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