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Viral makeup hacks: TikTok Edition

by Aiden

A roundup of the top beauty trends taking over everyone’s favourite video app.

By Ashima Sethi

Graphic eyeliner

Gone are the days of simple black winged liner or the classic ‘cat eye.’ In 2022 graphic liner is the new big thing. From picking a unique colour or shade like a neon liner, or mixing it up with different shapes for your ‘wing,’ we’ve seen a lot of people get super creative with their selection of liquid, gel, kohl and pencil liners!

Rainbow contour

Nowadays, piling on layers of foundation is a no-no, especially in the age of mask-wearing where we’re trying to be as kind to our skin as possible. Recently, users on TikTok began showing their appreciation for ‘rainbow contouring’ that in- volves drawing stripes of cream blush, concealer, and contour in a rainbow shape across your face. Once blended in, these create a natural look without the need for any foundation.

Ombre and gradient lips

Originating in Korea, ombre lips involve using two or more colours (from the same colour family) to create a multi-hued effect for your lipstick. Helpful when it comes to making your lips look fuller or if you want more definition, use a lighter shade around the centre of the lips and keep the darker shades for the outer edges. Gradient lips involve a similar approach but involve applying multiple shades to the lips.

Vaseline for eye cream

Last month, dermatologist Dr. Muneeb Shah made a TikTok video that went viral about how Vaseline is actually extremely effective as eye cream. Original Vaseline is 100 percent refined petroleum that can prevent 99 percent transepider- mal water loss, which can help the skin stay moisturised while you sleep. All you need to do is apply it over a moisturiser with ceramides for the best results.

Rice water hair care

Hair influencers such as Audrey Victoria have begun posting about using rice water in their haircare routine. While it’s only just taking off on TikTok now, using rice water to treat hair has been a technique used by Asian women for de- cades, particularly in Japan and China where women use milky, fermented rice water (leftovers from boiling rice) to wash their hair. According to research, the mixture is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids that can encourage growth.

Lipstick as blush

Although this makeup hack might sound crazy, it’s proven to really work! All it entails is sweeping a generous amount of red or pink lipstick across the bridge of your nose, your cheeks, and forehead in order to combine contouring and blush. Then, buff the colour outwards and cover with foundation for a rosy, natural glow.

Soap brows

An alternative to brow gels and pomades, this hack uses bar soap as a means of styling the brows. All you need to do is wet your brow brush with a little bit of water, rub it on your soap bar, and then brush the mixture through your brows in order to shape them. This works as soap contains glycerin, which can help keep stray brow hairs in place. Just make sure to use a soap that’s the right formula for your skin.

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