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This month’s news from within the Thai-Indian community

by Ashima

From political aspirations to business growth, here’s our roundup.

By Ashima Sethi

DeeMoney continues to expand their cross-border payment services

During a recent media event, DeeMoney and CEO Aswin Phlaphongphanich (pictured above), has revealed to the media they have seen a 200 percent increase in users within the past three years, and that transactions in 2021 reached 2.2 million, representing more than THB 64 billion. DeeMoney is considered the Kingdom’s leading non-bank money transfer service provider and their rapid growth illustrates just how important internation-al payments are becoming with restrictions arising from the pandemic and the world moving into a more cashless society. The plat-form has recently expanded with new offerings. The first is DeeMoney Neo, an app for international money transfers; the second, the DeeBusiness Portal aids businesses with their cross-border payments; and DPaaS for the platform’s partners. In the coming months, the platform are hoping to expand their services to more countries, partner with more local and international banks, and more.

Rahm Khuruwanit pledges his support to continue preserving the Namdhari Sangat of Thailand

Budding politician and our previous cover feature Rahm Khuruwanit who is also the Vice President of the Namdhari Sangat of Thailand was able to recover THB 6.7 million from a case related to the association’s land on the Asoke Montri Intersection. This case has been ongoing for two decades and saw several legal issues and disputes involved with the claim, but has since been successfully restored under the constitutional rights of the Kingdom of Thailand. This month, Rahm was able to deliver the cheque to the President and Board of Committees of the Gurudwara in the presence of Siri Satguru Uday Singh Ji and the Sadh Sangat. This marks the first step of preserving this incredibly important religious landmark, and Rahm has pledged to continue demanding rights and seeking justice from the relevant Government Agencies to ensure this happens.

Aditya Birla Group’s Thai Acrylic Fibre (TAF) launches a brand-new, acrylic fibre

TAF has launched a new, cutting-edge recycled acrylic fibre that has already received a Global Recycle Standards (GRS) certification. Branded as ‘Regel,’ it is made by recycling acrylic waste and is considered one of the first successful attempts at commercialising fibres made by recycling waste. This project, which took almost 2 years of research and development, was born out of the demand to produce more sustainable clothing as waste is considered a huge challenge in our modern fashion industry. At the moment, Regel fibres are 50 percent recycled waste and 50 percent virgin polymer, with the goal to improve it and increase its recycled components. It is currently being produced on a commercial level at the company’s plant in Saraburi. ventures into tokens and blockchain with the AFFI Network

Founded by Pinaki Sachamathakul, is a tech-enabled influencer agency that aides brands with managing nano-influencer marketing at scale. Since its launch, the company has worked with large brands and agencies to create over 2,500+ influencer jobs. Through their work, they found that brands had challenges when it came to incentivising creators on a performance basis, this led them to begin building software on Web3 that would offer performance-based solutions. The company recently launched Affi Network that would help advertisers with creating campaigns to promote their project, for example NFTs that exist on a blockchain. This then allows them to promote campaigns and referrals, and will allow creators to be rewarded for the conversion. All of these conversions exist and are validated via blockchain technology. Through this they have also ventured into launching an Affi Network token that will be used for incentivisation, governance, and staking.

Jaspal introduces the Jaspal Scholarship Program

The Jaspal Group have announced the launch of the Jaspal Scholarship Program in collaboration with six universities across Thailand including Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, and Bangkok University, among others. The programme will provide scholarships to select fourth year students, as well as provide opportunities for students to enroll in the Jaspal Designer Mentorship Program, where they can intern and work with the teams behind several of Jaspal Group’s fashion labels. The aim of this programme is to encourage young designers to pursue their passions, while providing them the opportunities and experiences necessary to form a strong foundation in the industry, and creating a network of talented individuals who can support each other in the future. Its launch is also rooted in the group’s mission to give back to the Kingdom and offer value to the country by mentoring its many talented youth.

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