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The Ghee to Happiness

by Masalathai Admin

Celebrating over 25 years since its establishment, Rang Mahal,  continues to deliver an impressive culinary experience.

By Risa Gambhir

Conventionally, the name Rang Mahal translates to “Palace of Colour,” where only members of the elite class could wine, dine and be entertained. Today, you don’t have to be a Maharani or a Maharaja to indulge in the finer things in life; a meal at the Rang Mahal will make you feel like royalty!

As you walk through the palatial doors of the restaurant, you’re greeted with nostalgic, sweet Indian tunes; together with the tantalising aroma of the curries they immediately set the mood. The lavish décor characterised by off-white walls adorned with maroon drapes, vintage paintings, and antique silver-plated cutlery is the epitome of the grand lifestyle adopted by ancient ruling Indian emperors. Adding to this decadence, the full-length windows offer an exquisite view overlooking the beautiful skyline and the adjacent rooftop bar.

Food and Drink

Start your meal with a bang with some juicy Shahi paneer tikka (THB 470) right off a sizzling coal plate. Distinct from other Indian restaurants, Rang Mahal stuffs its paneer tikka with cardamom-spiced khoya which, together, unfold a great kick of flavours and texture. Another stellar appetiser to look out for is the Murgh tikka (THB 520), which combines an earthy flavour from the tandoor with the vibrant masalas to create a bite of heaven.

When you are ready for the mains, instead of going with a cliché butter chicken, take a shot at the Bhuna gosht (THB 590) and you will not be disappointed. The tender, boneless pieces of mutton soused in creamy gravy will definitely redefine Indian cuisine, especially if you are a mutton lover. Take it further with the winning dish of the day – Baingan bharta (THB 340). This dish combines roasted-then-mashed eggplant with tangy tomato gravy that will just melt in your mouth. For the meat-seeking diners, Raan-e-khyber (THB 1,250) is a must. The dish features a succulent lamb leg marinated in rum, exotic herbs, and spices, then barbecued to perfection.

If you’ve heard of Rang Mahal before, you must have heard of their signature Dal-maa-Rang Mahal (THB 340), which is an utter delight. Amongst the wide variety of Rotiyans, I recommend trying the lusciously soft and supple Lachha paratha (THB 130). Alternatively, you can never go wrong pairing any of their curries with Naan (THB 130). My favourite was the Garlic naan because of its aroma and perfect pillowy texture in the middle, finished with crisp edges.

If you are a rice fan, I highly recommend the Hyderabadi “dum” biryani (THB 680), a magical combination of basmati rice and lamb cooked together with Indian spices. Dahin (THB 140) pairs really well with the Biryani, and will satiate your palate while convincing you that you made the raita decision.

End your majestic meal on a sweet note with the all-in-one Mithaee platter (THB 320) from their Mithaee section. The platter serves all their signature melt-in-your-mouth desserts: gulab jamun, rasmalai, gajar halwa, apple phirni, and a selection of fresh fruits.

Just a few steps from Rang Mahal will take you to the recently-added 1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar. The lounge boasts a peculiar name that is a combination of two numbers: 18, denoting Sukhumvit Soi 18, that has been home to the Rembrandt hotel for over 25 years; and 26, which is the floor the cocktail bar is perched on. This concept sets a perfect theme for their signature drinks, conceptualised with an interesting story.

The Hanging Garden of Kurseong (THB 450) is inspired by the famous tea garden in Kurseong, West Bengal. This tropical drink is served to you in a hanging basket and decorated with flowers from 1826’s own rooftop garden. Gin infused with earl grey tea, with a dash of fresh pineapple juice and spiced red wine, will give you all the rejuvenation you need. For those looking for something stronger, Uva Amara (THB 450) is a deadly concoction of Campari, red wine, Grand Marnier and 1826’s exceptional home-blend Amaro, aged in a barrel for 30 days. Whether you complement this drink with a cigar or not, it’s guaranteed to pack a punch.

Once Upon a Time in Rembrandt (THB 350) tells the tale of the remarkable tuk tuk that sits in the lobby today; a homage to the fact that Rembrandt Hotel was the first to introduce a tuk tuk service to nearby attractions for guests. The drink is served in a three-wheeler shaped mug with the Rembrandt logo on the back. The ingredients—chilli-infused Thai rum, fresh pineapple juice with a kick of Himalayan salt and kaffir lime—reflect the rich heritage.

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last; Holi (THB 350). True to its name, this vodka-based drink blends layers of colour with curacao, cherry and cranberry mix, orange juice, and coconut cream at the top. The drink is served in a thali along with colours and a paintbrush for you to splash with. Reminisce the holi celebration as you bring out the child in you.

Are you also perplexed by the plethora of options? Flip back to the last page of the menu for The Undecided (THB 450). Leave it to the mixologists to prepare their favourite mix as you sit back and enjoy the stunning skyline. When your drink arrives, it comes as a surprise!

26th floor, Rembrandt Hotel & Suites Bangkok
19 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Khlong Toei, 10110
Rang Mahal: Dinner 5pm to midnight,
Sunday Brunch 12pm to 3pm
1826 Mixology & Rooftop Bar:
Open daily 5pm to 1am
Tel: 02 261 7100

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