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The finalists for this year’s Thai-Indian Superstar Series have been revealed

by Ashima

Did your favourite make it to the final rounds of this community singing contest?

In March, the Thai-Indian Theatre Club announced they were hosting the Thai-Indian Superstar Series, a community-centric singing competition for talented individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Months later, the final 15 have been chosen. Check out the full list below:

Laksrin Kanijoun– “Music is my therapist and singing is my source of inspiration and expression.”

Thanaphat Lapsirikul– “Music connects me in every aspect of my life and I love singing.”

Meena Doobey– “Music gives me happiness and it’s a good career too.”

Surendra Tak– “Singing is my love life and my heart beats.”

Neelakshi Kothari– “Life is definitely incomplete without music.”

Sunidhi Kothari- “Music is life and it has potential to change lives.”

Nirankar Narula– “Music provides a wider sense of imagination leading to a learning experience every day.”

Anu Attri- “Music connects me to the supreme and gives happiness.”

Pawantikka Vivek– “Music is a part of my life and I am incomplete without it. Moreover, it helps me understand and communicate all the emotions of life.”

Megha Rajoria– “Music means colours in my life and without music everything appears black and white.”

Oishika Mukherjee– “Music gives me peace and relaxation and it also sets my mood depending upon the situation.”

Ashwani Kumar– “Music is everything for me and I am thankful to God for giving me this unique talent.”

Tarini Chowla- “Music and singing is a medium in which I can truly express myself and it fulfills me.”

Vaanya Bhandari– “Singing gives me an amazing feeling of happiness and joy.”

Pokkinary Abdul Hameed– “Music and singing gives me relief and reduces my stress.”

Visit the Thai-Indian Theatre Club page for more information about the Grand Finale!

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