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Skin fasting brings back natural, healthier skin

by Mahmood Hossain

The latest trend in skincare is through a detox and reset.

By Mahmood Hossain

There have been numerous skincare routines over the years, manufacturing a plethora of products and so-called scientific studies that continue to contradict themselves. Lately, an internet trend has been transforming the way people press the refresh button on their skincare, allowing the skin to take a breather without the assistance of multiple products. Stripping down the countless active ingredients you use can rebalance your skin, starting from a few days to hopefully a few weeks. In other words, keep things minimal by opting for a cleanser that is kinder toward your skin, and a basic moisturiser to follow suit.

While some people have specific directions from their dermatologists, others have the freedom to adopt different types of multi-step skincare regimens. With the latter in mind, one may wonder why you would take a break from your usual skincare routine that’s been so kind to you. Well, there are a few benefits to going back to the basics.

The Fortress

‘Skin fasting’ enables your skin to undergo a reset, enhancing its overall health through the avoidance of numerous active ingredients that interfere with the skin’s natural functions and protective mechanisms. Your skin possesses a natural barrier that aids in maintaining moisture, balancing pH levels, and defending against external threats. Embracing a skin fasting approach can empower your skin to fortify itself and function optimally.

Don’t Be So Sensitive

Again, not everyone has the same type of skin, but using fewer products reduces the chance of skin irritation and sensitivity. Naturally, when you eliminate irritants, you allow the skin time to recover and calm down in the process.

Layers Deep

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when you apply an excess of products to your skin, it can lead to issues such as congestion, breakouts and unfavourable reactions. Regardless of how long multi-step skincare routines may have been in practice, there is still a risk of overwhelming the skin with the presence of a variety of ingredients.

How Much Is Too Much?

There is such a thing as over-exfoliation. Too much of anything is bad for the body. Exfoliants and retinoids (chemical compounds that derive from vitamin A) can actually be harsh on certain types of skin. Your skin, like the rest of your body, needs time to heal, and one way is to simply lessen the amount of exfoliants.

The Takeaway

Again, and we cannot stress this enough: not everyone’s skin will react the same way or produce similar positive results. Even though it sounds like a good idea to dive into skin fasting, it may not suit your routine and has the potential to complicate the skin’s health. For example, those with skin disorders, such as eczema or an extreme case of acne, are advised to steer away from skin fasting. For others, experts suggest gradually reducing the number of products you usually apply and working your way down from there.

This also does not mean getting rid of every single product. It is paramount that you continue to apply a gentle cleanser, basic moisturiser and sunscreen. Your skin still needs to stay hydrated and protected, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, no matter the situation. Wearing your SPF is the only non-negotiable in any skincare routine.

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