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Sharan Hora, a Bangkok Patana School alumnus from their first graduating class, reminisces on the lifetime’s worth of education that she’s gained

by Aiden

Her lifelong friends, memories, and lessons during her unforgettable school years.

Founded in 1957, Bangkok Patana School (BPS) is Thailand’s oldest and largest British international school, and one of the most established in the region. Starting life as a small primary school that provided British-style education to English-speaking expats, they grew into a renowned IB World School, with the Class of 1997 as its first official graduating class. As one of that pioneering cohort whose own children now go to BPS, Sharan Hora looks back on the ways that her time at school not only moulded her academically, but made an indelible impact on her future, and who she is today.

What are your fondest memories of BPS?

Where do I start? The most delectable noodle soup in the canteen, a visit from Margaret Thatcher to open the Science Lab at the new campus, men in kilts on International Day and Santa Claus making his entrance on a helicopter for Christmas. Not to mention, being the first school to have ‘fashion-forward polo shirts’ as our new uniform, dancing for an evil prince for the Ramayana play when I was eight, and choking up during my final speech at graduation when I was eighteen. I remember and cherish all these memories, and so much more. But the most important memories were with the Class of 1997, my amazing classmates, who taught me all about the good, the bad, and the ugly in life, and whom I call my friends till today.

What life lessons were instilled in you at BPS that helped shape your future, and who you are today?

Patana not only stressed academic excellence, but also pushed students to be more well- versed in other areas and activities beyond the classroom. I believe that through the education I received from my teachers and the activities that I was involved in, I learnt some of my most valuable life skills. I learnt discipline, how to manage my time, and how to multi-task. I also learnt how to communicate effectively with teachers and peers, how to problem solve, and how to not only be a great team player, but also how to be an effective leader. I strongly believe all these life skills instilled from a young age have helped me succeed in all the roles that I play today.

Why did you choose BPS for your kids?

I have nothing but the fondest memories at this school. Although it has grown significantly since the time I was here, it still feels like home. The education I received at BPS was a great foundation for my further education and career, and it just seemed like the most natural option that we would want for our children.

You were the first graduating class of BPS. Can you tell us what that was like?

Our class of only 22 graduates was extremely special. We were known as the ‘guinea pigs’ of the school, the first to try everything, whether it was the IGCSEs, the IB Programme, or even just the new salad bar concept at the canteen. Everything was new. We were part of the tremendous change that the school went through from its small, quaint campus in Soi Navin, to the lush, sprawling one we have today in Soi Lasalle. As the school grew, we grew with it. It was an interesting time, as both the faculty and the students were learning new ways and new curricula hand-in-hand. We had a lot on our plates, as we were expected to set standards for our younger peers and had no older students to turn to.

However, we graduated with flying colours and were no longer known as the guinea pigs, but the pioneers of BPS. It seems we did just fine.

One of the advantages of graduating from an international school like BPS is the strong alumni network. What advantages and value have you seen in the BPS alumni connection?

Only a Patana student will feel the camaraderie and love towards their school the way another Patana student would. That’s the beauty of an alumni network. And for one as strong and as big as ours, the sky’s the limit. Whether it’s for career placement or help, re-locating to a new country, networking for business or just meeting for a drink, you can enjoy all these advantages from our widespread alumni network that’s situated across the globe. It’s a network that can add great value should you choose to tap into it.

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