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Residents of the Windsor Tower Condominium elaborate on why they chose the world-renowned Technogym brand for the building’s gym

by Shradha Aswani

Why Technogym was exactly the right fit.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

Walking into Windsor Tower Condominium will feel familiar for those of us who’ve lived in Bangkok for any length of time – it’s one of many comfortable, well-established condominiums dotted around Bangkok that have been home to families for years, or even generations. However, stepping into their brand-new, state-of-the-art gym instantly feels different. Unlike the usual run-of-the-mill equipment that may be outdated or even broken down, an unfortunate consequence of a condominium that has stood the test of time for so long, this gym is spacious, brand-new, and outfitted from end to end with equipment from Technogym, the world’s leading fitness equipment brand.

“During COVID times, people couldn’t go to their regular gyms or go outdoors, and our gym was old. That’s when the condominium residents started talking among ourselves about pooling our money to create a nice space for all of us to become fitter and healthier,” Ruby Arora, who’d called the building home for almost 20 years, tells me. “Because first and foremost this is my home, when we were looking for equipment for the building’s gym, I wanted it to be the best.” Ruby’s husband, Kamal, was instrumental in choosing Technogym as the brand of choice for the renovated gym, and ultimately, it boiled down to choosing what they considered the best of the best – in terms of design, quality, convenience, and even the follow-up of the sales team in Thailand. Surin Ghogar, who was also part of the team who chose the brand, echoes this sentiment. “We’d narrowed it down to the top six equipment brands, and that’s when we made the decision,” he says.

Founded over 35 years ago in Italy, Technogym is known not only for their innovation, quality, and elegant design, but has also been the Official Supplier for eight different Olympic Games, the latest being the 2020
Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The brand of choice for pro athletes across the world, its quality and form factor also makes it perfect for private home gyms and shared spaces, such as the Windsor Tower Condominium gym. Surin and Ruby share with us more about what made it the right fit to get fit.

How did you first hear of Technogym’s equipment?

Ruby: My husband Kamal had done a lot of research on what gym equipment is good, and available in Thailand. This is the brand he came across, and fortunately, I knew the agent that was selling the equipment in Thailand, so it was easy for us to reach out.
Surin: Kamal had told me that there was this great gym equipment brand called Technogym, imported from Italy, and I was fascinated to hear about it. When we went to look at the salesroom we were very impressed with the quality, the service, the sales staff, and the great follow up we got from them, as well as their mock-up of the space.

Why did you choose to go with Technogym products for the Windsor Tower gym? What do you believe stands out about them?

Surin: While gym equipment might be similar everywhere, Technogym’s standard is higher than other equipment: they supply to the top hotels and top gyms in the world. We tried all the equipment ourselves before we made the decision, and there was a marked difference in the quality. Moreover, the sales staff were amazing in promoting each product, they followed up very well, they gave us a good price, and they had a tutorial, a training session that we were very impressed with.
Ruby: Definitely the quality – the designs are beautiful and functional; simple but they’re very chic. I just love it

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