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Pimp My Salad Bangkok’s customisable offerings are a guilt-free treat for your palate

by Tom

Top-notch fare with options for any diet.

By Tom McLean

Having initially opened in Singapore, the new Bangkok branch of Pimp My Salad is the ultimate union of health-conscious ingredients and a refined, foodie-style approach to casual dining. This chilled-out restaurant’s ethos is all about positivity and inclusivity; vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores are all welcome to enjoy their first-class fare, with no half-measures when it comes to flavour.


Pimp My Salad boasts a bright and fresh aesthetic, reflecting their cheerful and healthy approach to gastronomy. Large windows fill the spacious setting with natural light, while hanging plants add an organic touch to the airy venue. Red-brick flooring and rustic, wooden tables complement the easy-going and welcoming atmosphere, with plenty of seats for groups and solo diners. After arriving, we soon found ourselves going with the restaurant’s laid-back flow, relaxing into their comfortable chairs, and checking out their extensive breakfast and main course menus.


The restaurant truly throws the health food rulebook out the window with their commitment to exceptional taste. Ingredients and vegetables that are usually served raw in salad bars are cooked and seasoned to perfection here. Their sweetcorn, for example, is sprinkled with spices and grilled to give it a tasty char. Customisation is also a big element of the Pimp My Salad experience, giving patrons the option to come up with their own salad creations and allowing everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, to enjoy. Being able to tailor your own dishes to suit your nutritional needs is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and I was informed that local gym goers often pop into the restaurant after an evening workout session.

We decided to sample their signature bowls and kicked off our meal with a selection of dishes from their breakfast menu. First up was the Keto brekkie (THB 285), a generous portion of thick-cut bacon, smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, and free-range eggs. Authentic, thick-cut bacon is notoriously hard to find in Bangkok so the restaurant actually prepares their own in-house, with incredibly tasty results. Paired with the fragrant avocado and fluffy free-range eggs, the dish was a spectacle of flavour contrasts, balancing sweet, creamy, and salty notes.

Next came the Vegetarian brekkie (THB 215) which matched baked falafel with sautéed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, organic eggs and grilled rye sourdough bread. Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle, the falafel was definitely the star of this dish along with the fried mushrooms, which gave the dish a lip-smacking, savoury edge. The final course of our brunch soirée was the Salmon avocado (THB 315). Bringing together smoked salmon, avocado, eggs, and tomatoes, the dish was delightful and delicate. We washed these down with a cold glass of their Iced coconut long black (THB 120), a refreshing pick-me-up suffused with subtly-sweet coconut undertones.

Moving onto their main course menu, we started with their aptly named Jurassic pork (THB 250). A primal delight, the pork is part-cooked using a sous vide, making it extra tender, while soy and ginger elevate the flavours of the meat to another level. Combined with flavourful grilled corn, fire-roasted antipasti, brown rice, and a piquant Nam jim jaew mayo, the dish was a carnivore’s dream.

We next tried the Rainbow vegan (THB 265) which combined more of their delicious falafel with beetroot hummus, Japanese pumpkin, mixed greens, spiced quinoa, and roasted tomatoes. Boasting a totally different palate to the previous Vegan brekkie, this dish highlighted Pimp My Salad’s intuitive skill in matching different ingredients, with the zesty elements of the salad and vegetables cutting through the rich flavours of the falafel. Drinks-wise, we tried the Coconut coffee frappe (THB 120). Thick, milky, and with an energising kick, a large straw was provided to help suck up the satisfying bites of coconut speckled throughout. Capping off our meal, we treated ourselves with the Tropical açaí bowl (THB 280). Fruity and refreshing, this guilt-free, vegan dessert was a scrumptious mishmash of açaí, flame grilled pineapple, coconut shavings, and a decadent raw brownie. The ice-cold açaí made for the perfect, post-meal palate cleanser while the thick and chocolatey brownie added an extra level of indulgence.


Miso hungry (THB 300), a cavalcade of grilled salmon, miso cauliflower, Japanese pumpkin, soba noodles, edamame, and a flavoursome soba dressing; all of which came together to make a truly appetising dish. The salmon is specially smoked in-house before being lightly grilled, making for an explosion of flavour and texture, while the specially prepared vegetables and soba noodles add an extra level of umami goodness. It’s these meticulous extra touches that make the restaurant stand out and have turned us into regulars.


56, 58 Soi Sathon 8, Khwaeng Silom,
Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

Time: Open daily from 8am to 10pm
Tel: 02 550 7623
Facebook: @pimpmysaladbkk
Instagram: @pimpmysalad.bkk

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