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Our pick of top skincare influencers to follow

by Aiden

Your future face will thank you.

By Khushi Shah

Lately, I’ve been an avid follower of skincare influencers and it has been extremely therapeutic for me. To me, skincare isn’t simply about using numerous products or feeling luxurious. Rather, I see it as a form of meditation and ‘me time,’ where I truly feel de-stressed and energised. As a member of the Gen Z generation, I’m well aware that it’s a privilege to have such easy access to numerous skincare experts on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, whereas back in the day, people would have to consult dermatologists, splurge on expensive products, or rely on experimenting on their own face. 

To make things a little easier to navigate, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite experts, enthusiasts, and influencers who are worth losing hours of your life to. After being introduced to the skincare world, I guarantee that you’ll finally quit that face wipe addiction and wear SPF every day! 

Credit: Akoni Phoenix

Hyram Yarbro
Of course, Hyram had to be number one on our list. The skincare enthusiast blew up on YouTube after his honest review of Kylie Skin went viral and he is single-handedly to blame for the TikTok CeraVe uprising. He gives recommendations based on a formula and ingredients standpoint, which makes his tips reliable and scientifically proven. He detests products with strong fragrances and essential oils because they’re extremely irritating for your skin. We highly recommend watching his ‘Roast Celebrities’ Skincare’ reaction videos, and the ones about the truth about different brands and DON’TS of skincare.

James Welsh 
When it comes to the world of skinfluencers, James Welsh is one of our absolute favourites. The skin guru is prominent for his honest reviews, multipurpose product tips and is inclusive of all nations like K beauty. He elicits the importance of switching up your skincare regime according to distinct seasons, testing viral skincare trends, and keeping it real. 

Dr. Muneeb Shah is the most-followed dermatologist on TikTok, with over 10 million followers in just over a year. He shares his knowledge on a range of skin-related topics and conditions, and his aim is to help with the “war on misinformation,” especially when it comes to skincare. Medically certified and reliable, he covers everything from your lip balm addiction to signs of hormonal imbalance on the skin. Often, Hyram has recommended Dr. Shah to support his own claims.

Dr. Vanita Rattan 
Dr. Rattan specialises in hyperpigmentation for people of African and Asian ethnicity. Her videos, which focus on skincare for people of colour, cover everything from the best CeraVe products to the best acids for skin of colour.

Dr. Dray 
With almost 1 million YouTube subscribers, Dr. Andrea Suarez, also known as Dr. Dray, is a board-certified dermatologist and skincare enthusiast. Her daily YouTube videos cover everything from how your pillow could be ruining your skin to CVS skincare hauls.

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