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Netflix & Prime: What to Watch This August

by Ashima

The best binge-worthy releases from the top two streaming platforms available!


Hot on the tails of the superhero movie phenomenon that continues to grace screens across the world (at least, pre-COVID), directors of the Paranormal Activity film series, Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, have once again teamed up to deliver a far darker and grittier take on the popular genre. In the world of Project Power, regular people are administered superpowers through the aid of a dangerous and unpredictable narcotic, resulting in a surge of criminal activity and chaos. It’s up to veteran police officer Art (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his streetwise, teenaged partner (Dominique Fishback) to take down the masterminds behind this superpower scourge. Supported by the powerhouse acting chops of Jamie Foxx, Project Power is a must-see for fans of Prime Video’s The Boys.

Release date: 14th August



Hosted by survival show veteran Bear Grylls, World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji is a pulse-pounding reality show that sees competitors participating in the marathon of their lives. Across shadowy jungles, unforgiving mountains, and turbulent waters, 66 teams from 30 different countries compete against each other on a non-stop, 11-day journey from one side of Fiji to the other. With over 670 kilometres of terrain to conquer, contestants are pushed to their limits in a battle of physical and psychological endurance.

Release date: 14th August


This Sundance-featured short documentary is making its worldwide debut on Netflix towards the end of the month. An unorthodox watch due to both its off-kilter content and shorter-than-average length for a Netflix release, this intriguing film is definitely worth seeing for those in the mood for some bite-sized weirdness. Tracking the trials and tribulations of an alien-obsessed, electronics whiz, John Was Trying to Contact Aliens shines light on the nature of obsession and loneliness, with our unconventional hero on a solitary quest to make contact with extra-terrestrial life.

Release date: 20th August


A Spanish-made pastiche of our superhero-obsessed culture, Unknown Origins combines comic book geekiness with a menacing, murder mystery plot. The film follows a duo of hard-boiled detectives (Javier Rey, Antonio Resines) who are forced to team up with a group of passionate comic book fans in order to thwart a serial killer. The killer in question uses superhero origin stories as inspiration for their murderous modus operandi, forcing our unconventional heroes to delve deep into comic book lore in order to catch the criminal. The perfect, offbeat thriller for fans of sleuths and super-men. Release date: 28th August


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