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Monsoon care tips for not-so-good hair days

by Shradha Aswani

Five simple ways to tame your frizz.

By Shradha Aswani

With the monsoons storming into our lives, one thing that tends to go out of hand is your hair. Even if you are blessed with silky tresses for most of the year, the humidity has a way of getting to your roots.

Here’s a list of quick to-dos that can help you manage your hair from their rebellion against the rain.

Go Gentle

One of the reasons that hair gets frizzy during the rain is that dry hair follicles absorb moisture from the air, and swell up. The best way to counter this is to keep your hair hydrated, which means staying away from harsh shampoos and conditioners that suck up moisture excessively. This season, mild and organic hair care products might be the way to go.


Talk to your dadi or nani about hair care, and you will find them sitting you down with a bowl of oil or ghee to brush your scalp with. This benefits not just your hair but also your mind, which feels calm and composed after a love-filled champi. Leaving the oil on for a couple of hours or overnight can work wonders in keeping your hair moisturized and ready to fight the waterworks.

Play it cool

As tempting as hot water showers may seem with the world pouring outside, your hair may not take well to them. The heat opens your scalp up and leaves your hair dry. Switch to lukewarm or cold water whilst taking a head bath.


Home-concocted, healthy hair masks can give your hair that extra boost of protection. Beat an egg and treat your hair with a protein doze, or wrap your head with a steamed towel after nourishing it with a cream wrap. The internet is filled with unique DIY mask ideas you can borrow, but the key is to establish a routine and stick to it

Wash the rain away

We’ve all heard that rain is water in its purest form, but that doesn’t hold true in times like ours that are full of pollution. If you are unfortunately caught in the rain, it is important that you wash your hair immediately with a kind shampoo, to protect your hair from the acid that has most likely infiltrated the water cycle.

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