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Meet the 13-year-old Goan boy who’s managing 7 million dollars of cryptocurrency

by Aiden

Investors in PolyGaj, his De-Fi platform, include billionaire Mark Cuban.

By Khushi Shah

Last year, when all of us were still figuring things out and struggling to adapt to the COVID-19 new norm of #stayhomestaysafe, this boy did the seemingly impossible. At first, the Bambolim-based school student, Gajesh Naik, was helping primary school students cope with online learning through his educational content and services. However, he took full advantage of this time at home to become productive and truly outdo himself. He enhanced his skills of mastering chatbot development and applied it to blockchain technology applications, learnt coding in-depth, and all at the age of just 13. Can you imagine? 

He is now the creator of PolyGaj, a cryptocurrency money managing system. He has developed two decentralised applications (dapps) on the Polygon network, which dispense access to crypto-investing. PolyGaj is a decentralised finance (De-Fi) platform, which means that Gajesh handles the entire software by himself, without any intermediaries like banking systems or investment managers. Gajesh also completed online certificate courses from the University of Buffalo and the State University of New York in order to equip himself with more knowledge on blockchain programming skills and languages. 

What’s even more impressive is that he is also receiving direct assistance from professors at Stanford and MIT because of his intelligence and drive for learning. Today he knows C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and Solidity, unknown languages for many of us, or ones we’ve just started to explore. Lastly, he is the youngest known person to have completed all five levels of the Google Foobar challenge, which is a secret hiring process by the company to recruit top programmers and developers around the world. He’s the real embodiment of the phrase ‘age is just a number.’

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