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Masala’s curated guide to sprucing up your home kitchen

by Aiden

This second lockdown, are you ready to Crock n’ Roll?

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

While you may be set for kitchen basics as a veteran home chef or one of the aspiring army from the last year and a half, you may be looking to mix it up (with new mixers). To make sure you’ve got the dishiest kitchen on the block, we’ve whipped up a guide to all the modern kitchen essentials you’ll need, and some that aren’t as essential but will sure look great on your counters, if you’ve got the dough (and affordable alternatives if you don’t).


As we once again burrow away in our homes, preserving food is on all our minds. A portable vacuum sealer will keep all the food you bought in bulk, or even cooked meals, fresh, preserving meat for up to three years. A G to You vacuum sealer from Power Buy is THB 990, but built-invacuum sealers in cabinets and ovens are the newest, space- saving trend for those who are thinking of renovating.


We’ve all seen the endless reels of handmade focaccia and sourdough last lockdown, but who says we can’t cheat with a less hands-on option? Panasonic has some of the best bread makers on the market, with up to 37 options in their SD-ZX2522 series, including ones for all dietary requirements, but you can get an SKG bread maker for below THB 2,000 on Shopee, which will easily have all you knead.


Air fryers, which use hot, dry air to fry food instead of oil, have taken the world by storm, but is it all, well, hot air? What’s true is that they are a much healthier alternative to deep frying, and can cook virtually anything – from desserts to the recently viral pasta chips on TikTok. The COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer (a hefty THB 15,900 on Lazada) pairs with an app that will give you over 100 recipes to cook, or consider the Philips HD9200 air fryer from Central for THB 3,490.


I have to admit, my least favourite part of mise en place is the endless chopping. The recent trend of multi-cookers will chop your prep time in half by doing all the work for you – the CookingPal Multo, for example, will weigh, chop, and cook your food 10 different ways, and even clean up after itself, all for a hefty price. An alternative option for those who just want the food prep done is a vegetable spiralizer – the OXO Good GripsSpiralizer comes with three blade attachments and is on Lazada for THB 3,250.


For those doing a complete kitchen overhaul, consider installing a combination steam and convection oven. Just like its namesake, steam ovens have recently been on the rise as a healthy, clean option, keeping food hydrated, locking in nutrients, and even replacing microwaves. They also prevent cross-flavouring (no more weird-tasting desserts)! The built-in Bosch HBF113BR0A from Central will be a THB 24,900 investment, but you can get a portable Xiaomi steam oven on Lazada for under THB 2,000.


Forget coffee machines – cocktail and mocktail makers are now all the rage (we can relate). Despite the bars being closed for months, you can bring the full range of drinks home to you with the Bartesian Cocktail Maker, which is considered the best in the market with its own drink capsules (available on Lazada), and which can control the strength of your drink at the press of a button. The Viza Soda Stream Machine (THB 1990 on Lazada) is a cheaper option for carbonated alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, for those who prefer to fizz it up.

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