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Haoma’s celebrated Chef Dk joins newly-launched CHEF CARES brand sold at 7-Eleven

by Aiden

These top chefs’ ready-to-go meals will be sold at over 70,000 stores worldwide.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

In many ways, 7-Eleven’s bento boxes are legend among the urbanites among us – who hasn’t stopped by at 12pm (or am) for your fix of Khao krapow moo or Khao khai jiew? This month, we can add a few ‘gourmet’ – but still affordable – choices to the list as the ubiquitous convenience store brand has stepped up their offerings with the introduction of their CHEF CARES Ready Meals.

CHEF CARES consists of bento boxes that are created by 10 of the country’s top chefs, with ready-to-eat international meals that are “guaranteed to be delicious and absolutely hygienic.” Originally created to support frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis, the brand offers dishes picked by the likes of Chef Chumpol Jangprai, of two-Michelin-starred R.Haan fame; and renowned Chef Deepanker Khosla (DK), best known for his sustainable, farm-to-table, neo-Indian cuisine at Haoma

Each of the chefs – many of whom have Michelin stars to their name – has picked out the ingredients for a signature dish, and for those looking for some ready-to-go but delicious Indian cuisine, Chef Dk’s choice is the classic Chicken tikka masala and turmeric rice. All profit from these boxes, which will only set you back THB 69 per box, will be given to charity, and 7-Eleven will release a new menu every month. As of now, CHEF CARES is available in over 70,000 stores worldwide so make sure to keep a lookout next time you go to Seven for a snack!

To see the full list of choices and the chefs who’ve brought them to you, read the original article here or visit 7-Eleven’s website

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