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Astro-gemmologist Guruji Shrii Arnav shares his spiritual and professional odyssey

by Tom

A glimpse into the world of Jyotish gemstones.

By Tom McLean

Internationally acclaimed spiritual guru, mentor to entrepreneurs, distinguished author, and renowned astro-gemmologist Guruji Shrii Arnav is a man who dishes out sage advice and scientific, gemmological counsel in equal measure.

Founder of Gemstoneuniverse, the global authority on Jyotish gems, Guruji’s expertise in the field of precious jewels has taken him across the world and back again, with his clientele ranging from blue-collar workers to corporate CEOs.

Born and raised in Ajmer, Rajasthan, Guruji began his formative years in unconventional circumstances. The youngest son of two medical doctors, Guruji would spend many hours of his childhood in Ajmer’s Central Jail where his father worked as the Medical Superintendent.

“From there, I learnt patience, kindness, and forgiveness.” Guruji relates. “The prisoners had so much pent up anger and frustration. Even as a child, I recognised they needed some kind of healing.” With his sense of empathy strengthened by these initial experiences, Guruji’s interests began to gravitate towards metaphysical matters and he took steps to further his spiritual growth. He recounts his story to Masala.

What were your first experiences with gem therapy?

Around the age of 14, I developed a severe upper respiratory tract infection. Since I came from a family of doctors, treatment began at home but nothing seemed to work. I was then referred to the chief pulmonologist of the biggest hospital in Ajmer and put on a regimen of medicine but even that didn’t improve my health. Finally, I was informed that I would have to rely on steroid inhalers for the rest of my life.

My mother’s colleague, however, recommended consulting a local astrologer, and although she didn’t believe in it, she gave it a go. He took all of my astrological information and eventually gave me two pieces of advice. The first was that I should wear an emerald of 3.5 carats on the little finger of my right hand. The second was that I should eat green moong dahl from a bell metal vessel. Within one week of following his advice, all of my respiratory issues had disappeared. It was then that I realised how powerful this combination of gemmology and astrology is. Thus began my career in gem healing.

How did you go about founding Gemstoneuniverse?

When the internet first started becoming accessible in India, it was incredible how much information was available at the click of a button. But when I tried to search for meditation, astrology, and gemstones, most of the posts were riddled with misinformation. To set the record straight, I created my own page about these subjects on GeoCities, a precursor to the social media sites of today. What started out as a hobby soon became a runaway success. In 1996, when the internet was still in its infancy, my page had over 40,000 active users. In 2008, I created my latest website,, which today has an average monthly reach of 4,000,000 active users, touching people’s lives across the globe.

How does gem therapy work?

It’s established that light and colour have a massive influence on people’s psychology and physiology. Consider their importance in art, visual entertainment, and advertisements. Corporations spend a significant amount of money trying to achieve the perfect colour tone for their branding because of the very real effect it has on people. Gem therapy follows similar principles.

What are Jyotish gemstones?

It is widely believed that around 95 percent of the gemstones circulating the market are heated, treated, synthetic, or imitations. Jyotish gemstones are gems in the top 1 percent of quality and have certain desirable traits. We have numerous video testimonials from people who have benefited from gem therapy; from company presidents, to doctors, to senior engineers. It’s helped them achieve wealth, health, and the realisation of their goals. But diagnosing the right gem for the right person is very important. It’s like a doctor prescribing the right medicine for a patient.

How can I tell which gem is right for me?

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. The science of identifying the right gemstone hasn’t really been documented in any text except briefly in my book The Secrets of Jyotish Gemstones: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Sacred Astro Gemmology of India (2018) as published by leading Indian publishing house Har Anand Publications Private Limited. Knowing about the background of the patron and their needs is very important, as well as an in-depth horoscope analysis and an assessment of planetary positions.

What is your favourite gem therapy success story?

My favourites are always from people who come from humble backgrounds. In one particular case, my client was a low-level post office worker. Since undergoing gem therapy, he became the owner of his own travel company with a fleet of 50 cars. It was very gratifying to see him succeed.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

The lack of standardisation in the field. One of the most important aspects of our website is that we ensure all the gems we sell are 100 percent traceable and ethically sourced from suppliers in conflict-free zones. We adhere to the United Nations Charter on human rights, ensuring that mining communities are paid fairly and receiving good healthcare, education, and nutrition. Our company motto is ‘Pleasing to God and to man’ and we take steps to follow this mantra in every aspect of our work.

What advice would you give to our readers through this difficult period?

Slow down. Nature is in a reset. You should also be in a reset. On the street, everyone seems to be in a hurry but no one seems to arrive on time. Social distancing teaches us to maintain boundaries and focus on our mental health. Reach out to distant loved ones through technology and care for your fellow man. Preventing problems is always easier than curing them.

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