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Fashion Your Identity

by Webmaster Masala

A peek into aspiring lifestyle blogger Priyaphorn Natcharee’s lifelong love affair with fashion. 

By Deboshree Banerjee

Currently majoring in International Business Management at Stamford International University, Priyaphorn Natcharee, fondly known as Priya, is the force behind the Instagram lifestyle blog justbekah97. Having begun blogging as a passionate pastime, Priya now enjoys sharing new fashion finds and personal style with her 17,300 followers every day. “Fashion allows me to express my personality, how I feel today and how I want people to see me,” she says.   

Unlike most young adults, the 21-year-old trendsetter drew inspiration from her mother. “Her wardrobe has so much to offer,” Priya says with a smile. “As a kid, I would always try on her clothes. At first, I was just following in her footsteps, until my style slowly evolved and I grew into my own person.”

Known for her elegant, fun and chic selections, Priya favours outfits that define her petite figure. She also has her own book of rules to follow. “If you have a good body, it’s normal for you to want to flaunt it,” she candidly says. “But I aim for a balance. So if I’m wearing a mini skirt, I keep my top a bit modest, and if I’m sporting a deep V-neck shirt, I would pair it with long pants. That way, I don’t give away too much.”

When it comes to shopping, Priya enjoys browsing through vintage clothing racks at the local JJ Market. “They have a section at the back with a lot of classic clothes, bags and shoes at affordable prices,” she reveals. Her other favourites include Topshop and Dorothy Perkins. “If you make an appointment at Topshop, you can get your own personal stylist who will help you put an outfit together. I also really like the floral prints at Dorothy Perkins, because of the outgoing and summery feel the brand displays.”  

Not one for blindly following trends, Priya prefers visual inspiration from creative sites like Pinterest. “I get to explore new ideas and incorporate them into what I already have in my closet,” she explains. “Rather than just purchasing normal clothes that you see everyone else wearing, I prefer to mix and match. That’s the fun part!” Our It Girl definitely stands out, as her effortless style radiates originality and confidence – traits we all aspire to exude.     

Priya’s Wardrobe Essentials:

Zara headband 

Bourjois lipstick 

Strappy sandals from Gucci

Black Jeans from minimum 

Anna Sui black pearl bracelet 


Pretty in Petals

Priya wears a charming Dorothy Perkins floral dress, an easy choice for tea parties. She completes the summer look with a pair of white sunglasses from H&M

Gal meets Glam

For dinner dates and parties, Priya loves chic outfits like this Pil Pira strapless black top put together with an orange pencil skirt from H&M. She accentuates her ensemble with statement earrings from JJ Market and black bow pumps from Srinakarin Train Market

Summer Casual

Opting for a simple and stylish outfit, Priya pairs denim jeans with a white frill cold shoulder top from Srinakarin Train Market. The multi coloured headband from Zara and shades from H&M elevate the entire ensemble. 

Photos taken at The Continent Hotel Bangkok.

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