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BeerSabae, Pim, and Roma prove that when it comes to style, different can be complementary

by Aiden

A peek into the closets of these three muses.

By Aiden Jewelle Gonzales

When I first met sisters Sirima ‘BeerSabae’ Rochsilthum and Pimpattra ‘Pim’ Vithyanithithorn, and their sister-in-law Rinyaphat ‘Roma’ Sathitpornkitti, their styles brought to mind the cars in the ENZO Motors supercar showroom where we were setting up the shoot – distinct, eye-catching, but all refined, and of a certain calibre. “Our dad’s motto is, ‘always be well dressed before going out, as you never know who you’re going to meet and where you’re going to go’ and I’ve taken that to heart,” BeerSabae tells me with a laugh. “I’m one of a kind and I wear what I want, and each day, I dress myself up with a full face of makeup as my way of looking forward to, and being thankful for, the new opportunities the day will bring.” A go-getter at heart, she talks about how her search for those very opportunities, and her love for meeting people, led her to start a second-hand car business with her brother when she was 18, and later in life, expand into other industries including her ‘bag spa’ business, I Love My Bag; online retailer of counter cosmetics and bag brands, Shopkaholic; her husband’s family fabric retailing shop, which sells imported European fabrics, Ran Nai Chan 1932; and her foldable heel shoe brand, Vuzano, which informs a lot of her style decisions. “I choose to wear what goes along with my Vuzano shoes of the day,” she says as she shows off her collection of stylish, innovative footwear.

Like her sister, Pim doesn’t see the need to follow trends either: “I see, choose, and wear what makes me look elegant, in my own style.” This elegance has served her well in her corporate history in the banking, insurance, and investment fields, and her current career as a freelance insurance brokerage agent, international sales representative, and head of several businesses. Despite her high-powered background, however, she’s still very much in touch with her spiritual side: “My hobby is to heal people through reiki, sujok, tarot reading, and crystal healing,” she reveals. In that vein, she places a lot of weight on how one feels when choosing an outfit. “I think what matters most is how you feel about yourself each day, and how happy you are inside.”

Roma agrees, pointing out that comfort and confidence are key when picking an outfit. “And the right clothes for the right occasion, of course,” she says. Juggling motherhood to a seven-year-old and several businesses, including ENZO Motors, which deals in the import/export of new cars and the trade of used cars; Vuzano; and 9Front Media, which sells LED screens and light and sound solutions for night clubs; Roma styles herself accordingly: “I dress professionally during the weekdays, and simple and comfortable on the weekends. I’d say I lean more towards a freestyle and feminine style.”

When I ask the tight-knit trio if they share style inspirations and brands as easily as they share businesses, I’m met with conspiratorial chuckles. “BeerSabae and I grew up with sharing almost everything together, until it wasn’t possible with size differences,” Pim reveals. “Both Beer and Roma are my inspiration, and despite our differences, we somehow manage to mix and match together quite well.”

“As the youngest, I find inspiration in both my sisters, who guide me to looking like my best self,” Roma adds on. Part of that inspiration is their creation of a shoewear brand that they are proud to represent, as both ambassadors and business owners of Vuzano. “It’s definitely my favourite brand,” Pim says, and Roma and BeerSabae both attest to its comfort and elegance, with the latter also mentioning her insistence on high-quality products, such as all things Louis Vuitton, as well as the fabrics from her and her husband’s fabric retailing shop.

It’s clear that all three are big believers in, and supporters of, all their respective family businesses, including the jewellery that they wear every day – all three sport rings designed by their aunt, from Tarna (Facebook@Tarnaวัตถุมงคลแฮนด์เมด); a protective talisman to keep the sisters safe.

As for final fashion advice? Each of the sisters gives me their own pithy slogan: “Design your life, design your style!” Pim says. “Be comfortable, be you,” is Roma’s advice, while BeerSabae chimes in with, “Be your own self, and your own inspiration.” No better way to sum up their individual approaches to style.

If you could only wear clothes from one designer or brand, who would it be, and why?

Pim: It depends on whether it’s for traditional, casual, or party wear. I like Rita Kumar for traditional wear that’s also trendy; her styles are elegant and unique. For casual and party wear, CPS would be my choice. BeerSabae: Choosing just one isn’t possible! I’d opt for my own shop’s fabric and design my own outfit, but otherwise, Zara because of their fabric quality. 
Roma: I love Topshop; their outfits are both stylish and comfortable.

Left: Shorts from Zara, Top from an overseas online retailer, Shoes from Vuzano; Middle: Outfit from Aspics; Right: Cardigan from CPS, Shirt from Adidas, Trousers from Topshop, Shoes from Vuzano


For their everyday daytime outfits, the three sisters showcase their different styles best: BeerSabae is “ready for anything that comes up”; Pim sports her start-of-the-day outfit for her “daily routine of exercise”; and Roma dons weekend daywear that she’s “comfortable in, whether at home or outside.”

Left: Bag from Louis Vuitton, Shoes from Vuzano, Earrings from Pomelo; Top from Jaspal, Linen trousers from Uniqlo, Shoes from Vuzano; Fabric from Ran Nai Chan 1932, Tailoring done by Jack’s Tailor


All three flaunt their smart casual looks, from “a brunch with friends, or a meeting once I put a jacket on,” according to BeerSabae; to “daily work attire,” according to Roma. Pim, meanwhile, shows off a look she designed herself; her favourite outfit that takes bespoke to a whole new level.

Left: Outfit from Forever 21, Shoes from Vuzano, Earrings from Gucci, Watch from Rolex; Middle: Outfit from Design By Simmi, Necklace from Shopkaholic, Bracelet by Diamantethofficial; Right: Trousers from Zara
Top from CPS, Crystals from Swarovski, Shoes from Vuzano, Watch from Rolex


It’s time to party, whether it’s BeerSabae’s night out or dinner with her husband; Roma’s Indo-Western getup for a Bollywood bash; or Pim’s casual do that she’s prepared for, no matter the weather.

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