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Bangkok Physiotherapy Center (BPC): At the forefront of providing comprehensive care

by Aiden

Discover how the team at BPC are revolutionising the standard of physiotherapy treatment in Thailand.

Located in central Sukhumvit, with easy access from all corners of the city, Bangkok Physiotherapy Center is the brainchild of Mansukh Narula and Dr. Panu Karanes, a former Thai Junior Tennis Champion who passed on a pro career in the pursuit of his dream to become a doctor. With a history of being treated for injuries and medical insight inspired by his experiences as an athlete, Dr. Panu leveraged his first-hand knowledge to form the foundation of BPC. Together, the duo saw that there was a need for a clinic that raised the calibre of physiotherapy care available in Thailand, and they have gone ahead and provided just that.

Many of us are under the misconception that physiotherapy is something we only need to invest in when confronted with old age or injury, or that it is only beneficial for athletes, people with disabilities, and those working in physically demanding fields, when really, there is a plethora of benefits associated with physiotherapy that the average person deserves to better understand. This understanding is at the heart of BPC, as the center provides a comprehensive approach to care that goes beyond the ‘one quick fix’ idea we often associate with pain management.

Rather than providing temporary solutions, the center focuses on crafting tailor-made treatment plans that allow for patients to one: understand the root issue that is causing them pain; two: resolve the problem using a wide-range of techniques including exercise, manual therapy, and other methods with the support of cutting-edge equipment; and three: motivate them to want to maintain their body’s condition beyond their time at the clinic.

This forward-thinking approach is rooted in the belief that a ‘human body has no spare parts,’ and the sooner one decides to invest in their body, the sooner they will be able to witness its payoffs. Physiotherapy at its core is about promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, ensuring we are able to continue living fulfilling lives no matter what age or circumstance. Physiotherapy sessions can help with everything from alleviating pain to promoting flexibility and strength, improving posture, and aiding with common problems such as ‘office syndrome’ and ‘text neck,’ among other health issues.

In the past, patients seeking a comprehensive approach to physiotherapy in Bangkok would have limited choices, but this has changed with the introduction of BPC. An average experience at the center begins with a phone call with one of their physiotherapists, all of whom are incredibly well-versed and each with their own specialties. During this call, you are asked to explain a little bit about your condition so that by the time you visit the clinic, the team has prepared everything required for a productive session and no time is wasted.

At the center itself, patients can rest assured that BPC has been designed with five-star service in mind, putting attention to detail at the forefront. Soft sounds are used to create a feeling of zen, trees channel the healing power of nature, the center is scented with a refreshing mix of white tea and eucalyptus, all of which combine to create a welcoming ambience, and most importantly, an atmosphere of healing.

Once a patient arrives, they change their clothing and their belongings are stored away for safety. One of the most defining qualities of the center is that there are private therapy rooms throughout, some with windows and some without depending on a patient’s preference. Every room offers the freedom to play your own music or select from a curation of tracks that help relax the mind, and are soundproofed for utmost privacy, which is another core pillar that contributes to the high quality of care one can expect at BPC.

Consultations are focused on educating the patient about their symptoms. This is done through videos about anatomy that demonstrate the root of various problems, giving patients the opportunity to visualise what is taking place within their bodies. Physiotherapists have also gone through extensive training to be able to explain complex anatomical and physiotherapy concepts to patients in a way that is easily understandable as the team believes a significant part of any recovery process is increasing a patient’s knowledge so that they can fully participate in the therapies that follow, as well as take care of their bodies outside of the center in the weeks and months to come. As this facet of the business is explained, it is clear that the kind of clientele who visit the center are mostly long-term patients who are fully committed to taking care of their bodies, and who have seen the incredible benefits of doing physiotherapy regularly.

As this is the case, the team works with patients to illustrate clear benchmarks for their recovery. Systems are in place so that patients are able to track their progress and see what is still required for them to be able to achieve their goals. Communication between doctor and patient is open, where it feels like a two-way effort because the team understands the value of the partnership between physiotherapist and patient, and are committed to being by a patient’s side throughout their journey.

One example of this is how when a session concludes, the care one receives from the center does not end there. Rather, your physiotherapist will add you on LINE and send you a full summary of what was discovered in the session, what needs to be done in future appointments, and what you can do to help yourself at home, all of which is supplemented with diagrams and useful terms.

This attention to detail from the initial pre-appointment phone call and the personalised therapies you receive at the center, to the open lines of communication you have with your doctor once you have left, all contribute to how Bangkok Physiotherapy Center is setting a new precedence for physiotherapy care in Thailand, but there is far more to appreciate about this center once you have experienced it for yourself.


For first time patients, enjoy a full preliminary consultation at a special rate of 1,299 Baht instead of the full price of 2,200 Baht.


39 Boulevard Executive Residence 2nd Floor 39-41 Soi Prom Chit, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Open daily from 9am to 8pm
Tel: 092 275 5090 or 02 160 0333
Email: contact@bpcphysio.com

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