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A Work of Heart

by Webmaster Masala

The Sachdecha family home embodies comfort and elegance.

By Ashima Sethi

Sukhumvit Soi 47’s sought-after neighbourhood is dotted with modern residences complete with lush tropical gardens, exuding a quiet oasis amidst the city’s hustle and bustle. Nestled within this neighbourhood is the Sachdecha home, a sophisticated three-storey abode that is steeped in tradition. 

Passing through the large iron gates is a paved walkway that guides us through a quaint front garden, where Myna birds in an aviary lightly chirp a welcome. Front doors then open to an entry hall bathed in gold and beige tones and our eyes are immediately enthralled by an exquisite regal figure of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, also known as King Rama V, towering above the mantelpiece. Not only is the striking statue a focal point of the home, but is also a fitting exemplification of the family’s admiration for traditional values.

As one of Thailand’s most esteemed rulers, King Chulalongkorn’s dedication to human rights and civil liberties have inspired many, including the patriarch of the household Satyapon Sachdecha, who is both a celebrated lawyer and dedicated family man. His work in the legal field is further highlighted by subtle motifs throughout the home, including a set of brass scales that sit in perfect harmony under a collection of photographs taken during his illustrious career. 

For his wife Siriya, maintaining balance in various areas of her life is particularly important, especially her role as a mother to two vivacious daughters, Sabrina and Nikki. As for her home, equilibrium is achieved by combining form and functionality. This is especially true in the design of the living room, where plush sofas are adorned by vibrant patterned cushions purchased from Kolkata, India that add a fun pop of colour to the otherwise monochromatic area. Above hangs a delicate crystal chandelier that frames the space. “I never wanted my house to be a showpiece. It has to be functional in such a way that wherever you choose to sit, you can still have a good time,” Siriya says with a smile. She has also collaborated with Jim Thompson to create one-of-a-kind fabrics woven into everything from drapes to furnishings, because as she says, “the story from the front door to the upstairs rooms should
all connect.”

In the adjacent dining room, her love for customised décor is further enhanced by a striking dark wooden dining table carved from a single piece of oak. As an enthusiast of rare tableware, Siriya has a collection of fascinating pieces. For today’s dinner, she chooses to set the table with a custom-made set beautifully adorned by intricate blue moulds of the Buddhist deity, Naga. This is a true testament to how the family values their cultural identity as a Thai and Indian household.

Afterwards, we are led past a soundproof door to the immaculate home theatre. With its inviting leather seats, state-of-the art sound system and large projector screen, this space is ideal for entertaining guests. A professional karaoke machine adds a fun and unique addition to the theatre.

On the second floor, we are immediately greeted by an elaborate statue of Ganesh resting on an embellished console table that separates the two bedrooms. This attention-grabbing effigy once again highlights the family’s appreciation for culture.

Upon entering the guest bedroom, you are welcomed by its subtle yet warm colour scheme, which is further accentuated by a burnt orange Hermès duvet. The best feature however is a unique palm leaf ceiling fan, purchased from the Lighting House that hangs above, representing traditional Thai décor.

The master bedroom is similar in its colour tones and furnishings, apart from a frosted glass door that leads to an airy and luxurious walk-in closet modelled after renowned interior specialist Barbara Barry’s elegant design principles. The closet paves way to the master bathroom, which is fitted with a spacious bathtub and waterproof sound system, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Behind a separate door is Satyapon’s private study, where an armoire covered in gold leaf and adorned with statues of important spiritual figures sits next to his desk. Siriya points out another set of brass scales above a chest of drawers, explaining that this unique space truly reflects her husband’s strong personal values.

Finally, we are led to the third floor to a special prayer room that has been custom designed to create the perfect place to reflect and practice spirituality. The intricate structure is truly magnificent in its embellishments. Siriya excitedly guides us towards the double doors which open onto a curved balcony. “There is nothing better than watching the early morning sunrise from this exact spot,” she says.   

Upon our exit, we notice a wooden gazebo that stands adjacent to the house. Sabrina kindly explains that this structure is modelled after the Thammasat University dome — a truly personal touch as Nikki currently attends the college, while Satyapon and Sabrina are both alumni. This is another astounding symbol that personifies the family’s love for combining Thailand and India’s rich cultural history with their own personal stories, to create a home that comes alive in all its details.

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